While recruiting talent and employees from foreign countries and during the placement procedure the candidates abroad, recruiters really face with a number of queries relating to immigration law and other consular services for Recruitment. Getting work permits and business visas is largely process and involves a great amount of formalities. Newforce Solution has an in house team of legal professionals who through their strategic partnership with Europe’s Consular service organizations ensure that Consular services for recruitment agencies are prompt, hassle-free and cost effective.


Services for Recruitment agencies

Notary and legal services: Notarized services for recruiters are useful for authenticating documents as it’s important to do and documents verified are such as university degree documents, employment letter and terms of employment and medical health documents. Newforce Solution has a wide network of notary publics in Switzerland, Germany and UK, where their services can be availed by recruiters.

Newforce Solutionalso provides a broad spectrum of specialties as legal services for drafting, litigation or for Alternative Dispute Resolution methods. Our Specialist Legal Services and consular services for Recruitmentcover areas such as corporate laws, civil laws, IPR, immigration law. Besides, Newforce Solution can help recruiters connect easily with the law professionals and tax experts from over 60 countries thus for the purpose of litigation, , legal research, drafting of documents or other related areas.

Liaison and Advisory role: Where all the necessary permits and visa is required, there only the recruitment agents’ liaison happens with authorities and regulatory bodies to get the necessary permits. Since the consular services are very largely process driven, it involves a huge number of follow-ups, and also furnishing relevant documents and also getting approvals for the same. Newforce Solution ensures that the paper work furnished in line with the requirements, necessary formalities are adhered to, to ensure seamless consular requirements.

Legalization or Apostil services: The recruitment agencies hiring or getting placed talent or employees abroad have to produce a number of documents which are private and public documents, thus this is called the legalization of which can be done through consulates, or high commission and embassies. Compliances that come under the purview of apostille and legalization requirement are corporate documents, financial statements, intellectual property documents, work permits and visa and other.


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