Thus, working as an independent contractor for contract management and legal services for contractors provides a number of lucrative opportunities, besides having the chance to work for some of the finest organizations in specialized areas of work. Therefore understanding the Federal and Canton laws of Switzerland is therefore very vital to realize the benefits and manage operational risks. We at Newforce Solution, combine technology with a practical approach and take steps for risk mitigation in all the contracts and ensure that your professional goals are not hindered in any way thus, in any legal way.

Newforce Solution provides contract management for individual contractors and legal assistanceto them with the help of qualified legal professionals, we at Newforce Solution assist every help to you in comprehending the nitty-gritty that is all of the employment contracts.



Contract Creation and Negotiation

We define the terms and expectations, all the negotiation and illustration of discrepancies so that the parameters state forth in the contract are easily and happily acceptable to both the parties to the contract.

Financial administration and tax optimization

Financial administration and tax optimization From the salaries to the deductions and reimbursement of business expenses incurred, payment of the applicable taxes, etc., in order to increase the net take-home salary, all are taken care of by us.

Immigration and Relocation

For relocation and consultation on immigration issues, Newforce Solution provides fast and effective migration and relocation advice.

Tax and Insurance advice

We ensure that the independent contractors are covered in all eventualities.

Dispute Resolution

We provide assistance for a peaceful resolution through effective mediation and negotiation for disputes arising concerning the terms of the contract.

Management of Payroll

We make efficient payroll management for independent contractors by calculating the contributions and costs payable by employer and employees manner.


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