Immigration consultant is an individual who helps people to move abroad from one country to other and as if legal and documentation process to increase the chances of migration for study, work travel or business purpose. These consultants are legal experts and have knowledge about immigration laws and visa laws and about the procedure of getting various types of visa.

Immigration consultants do not have formal immigration law training, and they are not allowed to answer state the most fundamental legal questions that each immigrant has when applying for a migration benefit. Doing so would constitute the unauthorized practice of law, which is a crime. Because of this, lot of organizations including the America Resource Center recommend that all persons seeking immigration assistance all avoid notaries and immigration consultants and, instead, try legal information from a licensed attorney.


The fashion of going in a foreign country is getting hotter. It is no more limited to specific classes, now people from every category aspire to go abroad for study or career purposes. And once anyone plans to immigrate the first thing is to get at the legal formalities and documentation to find a visa for the country he/she intends to visit. Extensive information of rules and regulation and paperwork is mandatory to process an application hence taking guidance and services of an immigration agent are essential. An immigration agent adds simplicity and speed in the whole process. Yet, getting caught with an incapable or fraudulent immigration agent can mess up the whole thing and invite legal complications too. One has to be very alert in selecting the immigration agent. So here are some handy tips for picking right immigration agent.

Consultancy firm is a Better Option:

The general question that pops into a person’s head, while choosing immigration services, is whether to go for an independent lawyer, a consultancy firm, or an agent. It is sensible for selecting a consultancy firm for credible services

Check the registration documents:

  • Don’t have a blind faith in the words of a consultant or firm. An immigration consultancy should be registered with the Bureau of Immigration of India. If it isn’t registered or lacks the credentials, it is advisable to go round to another.
  • Choosing the right immigration consultant for the visa application isn’t a tough job. It requires a person being alert and aware of what’s right and what’s wrong. By following above written tips, you can arise yourself from falling into the trap of the fraud service providers in front of you.

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