As we work as a management Company for independent contractors i.e. Contractor Management Company Services, we at Newforce Solution provide assistance for services ranging from payroll processes, legal support, and taxation processes. With a full team consisting of in-house lawyers, accountants and tax experts Newforce Solution aims at providing end-to end services including raising invoices, collection of payments, and calculation of taxes after deductions and contributions.In a nutshell, a Management Company:

  • In a nutshell a management company is absolutely similar to an “ Umbrella Company” because it provides added benefits and protection to contractors including verification and all, and getting necessary work permit
  • Administers workflow and streamlines work
  • Reduces risk of being audited while also offering generous payments
  • Handles invoices and payments

As a Contractor Management Company Services it is a legal entity with the express objective to help contractors work and secure workflow without creating a burden on them, eventually for setting up or running their own company.

Working partnership between Newforce Solution Management Company and independent contractor

By working through Newforce Solution, the individual contractors not only has access to our whole team of lawyers and tax consultants, but also secures constant work flow. Here’s how to go about it :

  • Register with Newforce Solution
  • Start or continue working either directly, or through any other recruitment agency or with an end-client
  • You need to share timesheets and the recruitment details for client as well as of contractors with Us. Thereafter, Newforce Solution can assist independent contractors easily.

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