The general classification of employees as individual, independent Corporations and etc. has added legal obligations and tax responsibilities for everyone, therefore requiring to prompt legal advice to them at every stage of employment law services for corporations. Newforce Solution offers legal services to individual Corporations to a very broad spectrum of areas and services. Be it immigration, taxation, contracts or contractual dispute, our team of qualified and efficient legal professionals ensure quick, hassle-free and very much cost effective legal services to individual and independent Corporations .


Contract Lifecycle Management

As one of the very essential parts of any and every employment and its law and services, is the creation of corporations, thus for employment law services for corporations its implementation and its execution which is crucial at every stage. The very reason being that are the expectations of parties that gradually can change over a period of time and deliverables are actualized across jurisdiction. Additionally, it requires a great eye for every detail and details, legal research? And practical knowledge.

Newforce Solution provides a very proactive and methodical management of contracts coupled with in the depth of analysis from the beginning to completion as well as at the renewal stage.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

In case of any discrepancy between the Corporation and the agency or the client, Newforce Solution, acts in and plays its role as a third party facilitator which assists in the peaceful resolution of disputes through meaningful negotiation and mediation on the terms that are acceptable to both the parties to contract. This helps save litigation costs between the parties, besides it provides an effective and speedy solution for dispute resolution.

Newforce Solution acts as a Third Party Facilitator as distinguished from a Third Party Director of Proceedings

Overview of the Specialist Legal Services provided by Newforce Solution

Employment and Labor laws: Every aspect of the labor laws pertaining to hiring of independent Corporations, their rights, obligations are studied. We Ensure legal compliance and advice in matters related to tax management and payroll are some of the other functions.

International Law: With operations in over 60 countries, the Legal team is well placed to provide sound advice in legal matters governing International shores

Immigration and Employment: In this we provide Relocation services and all the assistance relating to Immigration, visa and employment permit

Intellectual Property Laws:We provide full advice and consultation in matters relating to IPR, including filing of applications for trademark, copyright and Patents etc. that can easily help protect the IP rights for corporations.

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