Corporations have to ensure that they maintain year on year growth, pay all taxes in compliance with the local laws and mitigate tax risks as well as take effective tax management measures. Since tax management for corporations issues have significant impact on the financial results of any company, also then we help in developing comprehensive tax strategy encompassing the lowest possible way and level of taxation for the company to create an ideal solution.


Newforce Solution provides tax management solutions for Corporations through efficient financial planning. In doing so, we incorporate tax credits and income tax relief available to Swiss Companies at the Federal and Canton levels, in the most efficient way and by identifying lowest possible taxation clauses. Since there is no hidden strategy here, our indigenous methods of tax planning and tax management for corporations provide 360° tax management consultancy services and guidance for Corporations.

Developing a strategy: We believe that tax planning has to be made understanding in-depth the nature of the business and by keeping in minds the best interests of the Corporation.

Identifying the tax applicability: Identifying the right organizational framework thus that can effectively minimize taxation and also for the company is vital. This is a step forward for tax management.

Recordkeeping of business: Maintaining records of income, expenses under various heads are meticulously categorized. We at Newforce Solution believe that maintaining proper records is a must for everyone and Corporations in particular, can avoid overpaying of taxes, keep record of the taxes paid for the previous years and plan for the taxes of the current year.

Implementation of the plan: Introduction of specific systems and processes, manual or introducing specific systems and processes and customized solutions thereupon.

Customization: Customization of tax planning based on the specific requirements, changes in legislation and compliances requirements as well as change in individual leadership and goals.

Newforce Solution is headquartered in Switzerland and has been providing tax and payroll solutions to Corporations including Fortune 500 Companies. Whether for individual, recruitment agency or Corporation, our aim is to provide Corporation tax solutions to maximize retention and ensure legal compliance.


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