Tax planning and management for Recruiters can be challenging given the complexity of roles, multiplicity of functions and income heads. However, effective tax planning and management for Recruiters of it can yield significant benefits and can translate into better profits and year on year growth for recruiters. Also given the complexity of Swiss tax laws we have Swiss tax on one hand and tax management methods on the other, thus looking at these two aspects tax out goings can definitely be minimized in the best possible way through professional assistance.

Newforce Solution provides tax management solutions for Recruitment agencies by providing effective tax planning methods. We take into account the various available organizational frameworks, which provide for lowest level of taxation for your business.

Maintaining Records: While we believe that recordkeeping is a must for individuals, Corporate or recruitment agencies, it is the best way to discover your income and outflow of money, taxes paid in the preceding years and in estimation of taxes for the current year.

Developing strategy and implementation: Understanding of the nature of business and income heads before laying out a plan for implementation goes a long way. Tax planning through specific systems and manual processes; support, consulting and advisory duties sums up our integrated mechanisms for implementation of tax plan for recruitment agencies.

Strategic tax planning: Taking into account the variables and making a full strategy of it such as leadership and goals, also like changing objectives, legislation and compliance requirement.

Expatriate Tax for International placements: Newforce Solution provides international tax consultancy to understand all the tax implications of cross border placements. These services can be availed at any time it can be (i) before placement (ii) During their stint abroad (iii) Before shifting back (iv) After the candidate has returned.

Newforce Solution understands the unique dynamics of recruitment agencies and helps you in reducing your tax out goings through effective tax planning.


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