Swiss Corporations that recruit employees from other countries or corporations that transfer their employees to other countries have to get the Work Permits and Business Visa for Recruitment Processing done from appropriate authorities. Once the recruiter completes the whole placement process of candidates that are abroad or hires candidates from other countries for work permit and business visa have to be acquired. While the Citizens from the EU/EFTA benefit from this as they have free movement agreement allowing them to stay in Switzerland initially for 3 months that can easily later on be extended to six months citizens belonging to other countries must have a work contract. Applications have to be made at the respective Cantons along with the relevant documents and fees.


Newforce Solution is one of the most sought out and renowned umbrella companies in matters pertaining and relating to Work Permit & Business Visas for Recruitment applications and also other related services that include taxation services, international payroll services, Contracts management services and legal services all that including immigration law consultancy We at Newforce Solution provide assistance to Corporations and help them simplify the formalities by providing guidance for We Provide consultation and also advice in matters relating to work permit and business visa for Recruitment.

  • We help in Processing of Work permit and Visa for short term and also for long term basis for employees working for Swiss Corporation as well as for Corporations thus intending to send their employees to other countries
  • We provide Consultancy and also customized solutions on issues related to Work permit and Business visa
  • We help in processing of application for extended work permit or residence
  • We give legal advice on issues relating to Work permits and also business visas as a part of Newforce Solution’s immigration law consultancy services
  • Liaison with government agencies and also immigration authorities for the processing of necessary permit

Our experience in handling work permits and securing visa and other consular needs extends to companies across various sectors and all sizes. Newforce Solution is a very renowned name in immigration consultancy also in consular services, where one can be fully assured of prompt, hassle free and cost effective solutions that are for Work Permit and business visa consultancy.


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