Backup & Disaster Recovery

Newforce Solutions offers the perfect solution to ensure that your data is secure and always accessible. With our comprehensive backup, monitoring, and restorations systems in place, you can trust us for a safe storage experience with complete peace of mind!

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery refers to the process of regaining access and functionality of data, applications, or the entire IT infrastructure that was lost due to some man made error, cyber attack, natural disaster, or business disruptions.

  • Backups are encrypted, so all your files will always remain in safe hands.
  • We test backup at frequent intervals, so it helps in validating backups for you.
  • Your data can be restored quickly, so it disallows hindrances in business processes.
  • Our data storage is equipped with 24x7x365 monitoring to make it highly secure and reliable.
  • We backup servers, endpoints, and applications, and make sure that not even a single bit of data is lost in any case.
  • No risk of vulnerabilities.
  • No downtime so the business processes can run smoothly.
  • No data outage because each file is backed up properly.

Accidental loss of data can pause business processes, and affect the revenues negatively. Moreover, it will harm the reliability and reputation of the organization badly. Reliable backup and recovery solutions help in ensuring business continuity in a risk-free environment.

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