We Provide IT Solutions

At Newforce Solution, we offer tailored IT solutions to meet all your business needs. Based on the desired services you require, we will produce an exclusive service list just for you! Rest assured that every operation needed is taken care of with our varied selection of top-notch solutions.

How does Newforce IT consulting work?

  • The client briefs our recruitment team on their assignment.
  • Newforce Solution team creates a proposal and gets back to the client with an approximate solution plan and prices.
  • The client makes changes if applicable and approves the plan.
  • Newforce Solution finds a team of IT professionals who match your requirements.
  • Newforce Solution deals with all the administrative and legal processes associated with hiring, onboarding, visa, relocation, and payroll. If applicable.
  • Businesses' new employee starts working on the assignment.
  • Newforce Solution is continuing to maintain the client’s staff for the whole duration of the project.

Newforce Helps You Find Tech Jobs In The USA

We assist you in getting your dream tech job in the usa. Also, get your h-1b visa processed at the earliest!

Easy Apply

You are just one click away from getting a desirable job in the USA. Find the best-suited jobs and apply on the go.

Faster Route to Green Card

Join us and get your Green Card filed immediately. The Newforce team does it faster for you than any other company. Work and live in the USA worry-free.

H-1B Visa Transfer

Work with your dream company or find the best roles and transfer your H-1B Visa faster with the Newforce team’s guidance.

Core Services

We Take Care Of The Whole Administrative And Legal Requirements


Visa Provider

Many countries require a formal work visa which allows an international talent to work for a local company. An employer must be a recognized sponsor by the local government in order to issue a visa. Acquiring the visa permit is expensive, takes a long time, and has a lot of underlying requirements. A company can outsource the service of providing a visa for a third party in order to hire an international employee. Newforce Solution has this service in its portfolio and can be an Employer of Record for your employee. It means that Newforce Solution can provide legal employment for your new staff.

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Managed Product Development

Employee Onboarding

New employee onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee with a company and its culture, as well as getting a new hire the tools and information needed to become a productive member of the team. We do onboarding for offshore and local employees. We settle legal documents and contracts with Governmental institutions. We arrange taxes and housing in case of relocation etc.

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Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Payroll allows the company to hire an employee through a third party. The company is the one that is responsible for recruiting an employee and negotiating the salary and other nuances. Once these steps are done, the company does not need to arrange administrative activities or taxes, it’s done by the payroll company. Payroll companies keep track of the law changes and are generally more attentive than in-house accountants or HR. ADT provides payroll services.

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Immigration consultancy

Immigration Consultancy

Immigration is a complicated procedure and requires careful application. Every immigration case is unique and involves individual legal attention. Newforce has a team of first class lawyers and immigration consultants that handle the immigration process of our clients.

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