Newforce Solution Is Global

We operate in different geographical locations, as well as across different industries.


We have experts who specialize in various industries. We can help your business to expand to the new sectors or strengthen your position in the one you operate in. You can find examples of industries we operate in below. All the statistics are taken from the website

  • Advertising & Marketing

    • Global media owner advertising revenue is 649.22bn USD
    • Growth of Advertising spending in 2020 is (-9.1%)
    • Largest AD market is United States
    • Leading medium based on ad spend share worldwide is Internet
    • Share of TV in Global ad spend is 26%
    • Region with the highest spending on internet is North America
  • Agriculture

    • Projected vertical farming market worldwide is 15.7bn USD
    • Size of the smart farming market in Europe is 3.1bn USD
    • Country with the largest organic agricultural land area is Australia
    • Global fish production is 177.8m mt
    • Leading fish producer is China
    • Country with the biggest forest area is Russian Federation
    • Average annual loss of forest area between 2010 and 2020 is 4.74m ha
  • Chemicals & Resources

    • Global Chemical Industry Revenue 2019 is 3.94 trillion U.S. dollars
    • Chemical industry’s largest revenue generating region is Asia
    • Oil share in global fuel consumption is 40.8%
    • Forecasted fossil fuel consumption 2050 is 482Ej
    • Combined revenue of the leading global mining companies is 692bn USD
    • Region with the largest mining exploration spending is Latin America
    • Mineral commodity with the highest rate of return in 2020 is Silver
    • Most produces petroleum product is Gasoline
    • Largest producer of plastic material is China
    • Global plastic production volume is 368m mt
    • Leading natural rubber exporter is Thailand
  • Construction

    • Market size of HVAC in Asia is 114.36bn USD
    • Construction costs of CBD Offices with an a-grade in london is 2,000GBP per m2
    • Most expensive Airport expansion project worldwide is AI Maktoum Airport (UAE)
  • Consumer Goods & FMCG

    • Biggest Regional Beer producer is Asia
    • Leading spirits market in terms of sales is United States
    • Revenue of the Apparel Market is 1.5tr USD
    • Leading exporter of Apparel is China
    • Top Selling Market segment is Dishwashing products
    • Beauty and personal care global market size is 500bn USD
    • Leading cosmetic market is Asia-Pacific
  • Life

    • Most common worries worldwide are poverty and social inequality
    • Countries most concerned about climate change is Australia, Germany, China
    • Countries most concerned about immigration is Germany, United States, Belgium
  • Media

    • Newspaper circulation revenue worldwide is 52.14bn USD
    • Book publishing revenue worldwide is 122bn USD
    • Satellite radio services revenue worldwide is 6.2bn USD
    • Share of consumers who trust traditional media for news is 61%
    • Country with the highest percentage of people paying for online news is Norway
    • Country with the lowest share of people paying for online news is Japan
    • Number of global TV households is 1.7bn
    • Global video game revenue in 2021 is 154.6bn USD
    • Global mobile gaming audience size is 2.86bn
    • Biggest gaming market by sales is China
  • Metals & Electronics

    • Size of the global construction equipment market is 140bn USD
    • Leading country for machine tool exports is Germany
    • Size of the Aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul market is 68.5bn USD
    • Leading market for electrical engineering and electronics is China
    • Growth of the electronics industry worldwide is 6%
    • Leading automation market segment is process automation
    • Demand for crude steel worldwide is 1.9 billion metric tons
    • Leading market for finished steel products worldwide is Asia and Oceania
    • Size of the global market for railway technology is 125 billion euros
    • Size of the shipbuilding market worldwide is 175 billion U.S. dollars
    • Leading type of vessels based on deliveries worldwide is Bulk carriers
    • Reduction in motor vehicle production worldwide is 23%
    • Leading motor vehicle segment is passenger vehicles
  • Real Estate

    • Office vacancy rate in the U.S. is 15%
    • 5-year Prime Retail Rental Growth in Munich, Germany is (-0.3% )
    • Prime industrial rent of new large warehouse units heathrow is 16GBP per sq ft
    • Industrial & Logistics real estate investment volume in Europe is 38.3bn euros
    • Logistics facilities has 0.6% vacancy rate in Greater Tokyo
  • Services

    • Size of the consulting market in the United States is 69.9bn USD
    • Annual growth in market research revenue worldwide is 3.9%
    • Market size of the executive search industry worldwide is 18bn EUR
    • Market size of the legal services domain in the United States is 103.6bn USD
    • Number of employees in the security services sector in Japan is 1.32m
    • Architects in the UK is over 65,000
  • Society

    • Leading university is Harvard University
    • Business School with the highest alumni salary is Stanford Graduate School of Business
    • Number of wild tigers in India is 2,967
  • E-Commerce

    • Estimated B2B E-commerce marketplaces GMV worldwide is 31.19bn USD
    • Leading region by value of B2B e-commerce GMV is Asia
    • Value of global e-commerce retail sales worldwide is 4 trillion USD
    • CAGR of retail e-commerce worldwide between 2020-2024 is 8.1%
    • Share of C2C in online retail sales in china is 41.1%
    • Share of European consumers who shop online is 83%
    • Share of Chinese consumers who spent money on a digital video content subscription is 48%
    • U.S. digital buyer penetration is 77.3%
    • Global e-commerce market revenue is 2,27bn USD
  • Economy & Politics

    • World’s largest GDPS by 2024 is China, United States, India
    • New entry among world’s largest economies is Indonesia
    • Global GDP in 2021 is 149.1 trillion USD
    • Country with the highest population growth rate is South Sudan
    • Level of trust in the CCP in China is 82%
  • Energy & Environment

    • Global CO2 emissions is 36.4bn mt
    • Global land and ocean surface temperature anomaly is 0.98 degrees Celsius
    • Maximum arctic sea ice extent is 15.05m
    • Main Primary energy source worldwide is oil
    • Global renewable power generation share (incl. hydro) is 26.3%
    • Global electricity generation is 26,730 TWh
    • Segment in the U.S. with highest revenue of environmental technology service industry is Solid waste management
    • Average annual municipal solid waste generation worldwide is 2.02bn metric tons
    • Share of total plastic material recycled since 1950 is 6.5%
    • Project water withdrawals worldwide in 2040 is 4.35tn m3
    • Share of Western Europe population with wastewater collection systems is 92%
  • Finance & Insurance

    • Total assets of central banks worldwide is 30.1tr USD
    • Leading region for venture capital financing worldwide is North America
    • Global investments in fintech companies is 135.7bn USD
    • Estimated size of the global insurance market in 2020 is 5.8tr USD
  • Health, Pharma & Medtech

    • Global medtech revenue is around 380 bn USD
    • R&D spending as a share of revenue is 6.8%
    • Global pharmaceutical market is 1.25tn USD
  • Technology & Telecommunications

    • CE revenue in 2025 is 1.2tr USD
    • Device shipments in 2022 are 2.1bn units
    • IT devices total spending worldwide in 2021 are 705.4bn USD
    • IT data center systems total spending worldwide in 2021 are 228.4bn USD
    • Semiconductor industry sales worldwide in 2021 are 469.4bn USD
    • Household appliance retail sales worldwide are 421.8bn USD
    • IT spending worldwide in 2021 are 3.92bn USD
    • Global IT Service spending worldwide in 2021 are 1073bn USD
    • The largest market for IT & Business Services is the Americas
    • Spending on enterprise software is 491bn USD
    • Largest Software Company worldwide is Microsoft
    • Size of U.S. Software publishing market is 284bn USD
    • IT sector spending on telecommunication services is 1.33 trillion U.S. dollars
  • Transportation & Logistics

    • Revenue of commercial airlines worldwide is 372bn USD
    • Number of AIR passengers worldwide is 1.8bn
    • Global logistics industry costs are 9.3tr USD
    • Global 3PL market size is 951.6bn USD
    • Region with the highest number of passengers using metro systems is Asia-Pacific
    • Ride-sharing market size worldwide is 75bn USD
    • Leading market in terms of passenger vehicle sales is China
  • Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

    • Direct and total contribution of travel and tourism to GDP worldwide from in 2019 is 9258.29bn USD
    • Leisure tourism spending worldwide from in 2019 is 4692bn USD
    • Business tourism spending worldwide from in 2020 is 1294bn USD
  • Retail & Trade

    • Retail sales of the direct selling industry in Europe is 37.9bn USD
    • Leading fulfillment option planned in retail is in-store fulfillment(BOPIS, ship from store)
    • Leading delivery option in the U.S. is 2 days
  • Internet

    • Average Cost of Data Breach worldwide is 3.86mUSD
    • Estimated value of cyber insurance premiums worldwide in 2015 is 20bn USD
    • Number of Internet users worldwide is 3.97bn
    • Average time per day spent using the internet worldwide is 170 minutes
    • Age group with the highest number of internet users worldwide is 25-34 years
    • Global mobile internet population is 4.28bn
    • Mobile internet traffic as share of total global online traffic is 55.64%
    • Number of mobile app downloads worldwide in 2020 is 218bn
    • Search advertising spending worldwide is 104.8bn USD
    • Search market share of Google worldwide is 85.86%
    • Global social media penetration rate is 53.56%
    • Global annual social network user growth is 5.8%


We do not accept boundaries in Newforce Solution, especially geographical. The whole world is available to you.

We invite you to check and compare countries that we operate in. We selected some features that are relevant for living and doing business in the country. We can arrange your company’s expansion to any of these countries, the same as staff relocation.

albania location

Currency Albanian Lek (ALL)

Payroll Frequency Monthly

Employer Taxes 16.70%

austria location

Currency Euro (EUR)

Payroll Frequency Monthly

Employer Taxes 21.23%

belarus location

Currency Belarusian Ruble (BYN)

Payroll Frequency Monthly

Employer Taxes 34.00%/span>

belgium location

Currency Euro (EUR)

Payroll Frequency Monthly

Employer Taxes 27%

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